In a world full of overproduced popular – and unfortunately also classical – music, five mavericks found together to craft conventional music production equipment into tools for expressing creativity.

About the Ensemble

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the No Input Ensemble joins electronic musicians from all over the world in the everlasting hunt for new sonorities. Generating these from feedback looped instruments, particularly purely self inducing mechanisms, is their model in music. Controlling these mechanisms and instruments in a musical manner is their main objective. Coming together to compose these resulting sounds in a performative context is the reason for forming this ensemble. But all in all, it's simply amazingly fun to do.

ensemble member playing

Tobias Grothmann

Tobias Grothmann has been a student at the University of Music Karlsruhe. His interest in this ensemble subsists in exploring both organic and raw sounds, just by exploiting mixers through feedback.

Another task he aims at is finding a common language that is able to describe the fabricated sounds and a good way to intercommunicate while performing or composing a piece.

ensemble member playing

Marnin Jahnke

Marnin Jahnke studied Musicology and Music Informatics at the University of Music in Karlsruhe. Following a diverse history of executive and perceptual musicianship, he currently aims to explore and formalize the compositional content of misused electronic technology.

ensemble member playing

Daniel Lindenkreuz

Coming from a classically trained musical background, Daniel Lindenkreuz studies current affairs in Musicology and Music Informatics at the University of Music in Karlsruhe.

While staying a musician at heart, he aspires accomplishing interdisciplinary projects that both pursue artistic motifs and challenge technology to its bare bones.

ensemble member playing

Timothy Schmele

Timothy Schmele is a doctoral candidate at the University of Music in Karlsruhe, investigating the compositional implications of spatialized electronic music. His interest in electronic music are organic sounds native to the electronic realm, though he also composes with musical instruments that could be described as more traditional.

Finding a way to adequately describe these rich electronic sounds in an absolute way is one of the bigger goals he pursues in founding this unusual ensemble.

ensemble member playing

Tobias Walter

Originating from Germany’s outermost east corner, Tobias had a go in the technical engineering domain for a while, before he entered the University of Music Karlsruhe to focus on exploring music in all its manifold colours and shapes.

He is fascinated by the beauty that emerges from complexity — be it sound from a feedback network or the consciousness of the human brain.