Eliciting the innermost, naturally intimate sounds of electronic circuits, the No Input Ensemble has set out to explore feedback loops in all their glory.

The No Input Ensemble is a group of electronic musicians, formed in December 2013 by students of the IMWI (Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics) at the Karlsruhe University of Music.

performance of level 99

About the Technique

No Input Music is the native language of electronic expression. The human element returns to the heart of music as the performers react, counteract and interact with their instruments. No Input is a journey in sound and each performer seeks to learn to navigate their way through this complex field of spectromorphologies, while almost constantly being at the brink of losing control of it all.

These instruments are mixers. Normal, preferably cheap, everyday mixers that generally serve to transport, mix and merge incoming streams of sounds together.

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